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The series tells about the relationship of Nick and Clem, who only dream of a happy life together, but unexpectedly appears younger sister, Clem - Shannon, who does not want to live with his irresponsible father. The premiere of the series took place on 10 January 2019.

Episodes: 13
Hours of watching: 4

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Brian Stokes Mitchell as Walt - father Nick

American actor, stage, film, television, vocalist, known from the series Fam, The Good Fight, The Path, Mr. Robot, The Blacklist, Glee. He started his career...

Gary Cole as Freddy - father Clem and Shannona

American actor, known from the series Fam, The Good Fight, Suits, True Blood, Shark, Supernatural, Desperate Housewives. He started his career in 1983. He...

Katie Wee as Kristen

Aactress, known from The Mindy Project, Shrill, 2 Broke Girls, The League, New Girl, Fam, American Princess.

Nina Dobrev as Clem

Canadian actress and model, known from the series The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Fam. In 2008, she graduated from sociology at Ryerson University in...

Odessa Adlon as Shannon - stepsister Clem

American actress, known from the series Fam, Nashville.

Sheryl Lee Ralph as Rose - mother Nick

American actress, known from the series Fam, Ray Donovan, 2 Broke Girls. She studied medicine at Rutgers University.

Tone Bell as Nick - fiance Clem

American actor and comedian, known from the series Fam, The Flash.