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The series tells the story of a medicine graduate Olivia Moore, who works as a resident doctor, but due to an accident at the party becomes a zombie. Olivia starts working in the morgue, because in order to function normally, she has to feed on her brains, after eating which she takes over the last memories of the deceased, thanks to which she helps detectives in solving criminal cases. The premiere of the series took place on 17 March 2015.

Episodes: 71
Hours of watching: 50

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Aliesha Pearson as Annie Wallace

Actress, known from the series Charmed 2018, iZombie, Supernatural.

Andrew Wheeler as Director

Actor, known from the series Riverdale, iZombie, Supernatural, Lucifer, The Tomorrow People, Psych.

David Anders as Blaine DeBeers

American actor, known from the series The Vampire Diaries, iZombie, Once Upon a Time, Stalker, Arrow, 24, Greys Anatomy, Charmed, Alias.

Lee Garlington as Muriel Fletcher

American actress, known from the series Desperate Housewives, Broken, Charmed, iZombie, Mistresses, Stalker, 90210, Psych, Greys Anatomy, Will and Grace.

Maria J. Cruz as Karen / Regular Jane

Actress, known from the series Riverdale, iZombie, The Twilight Zone, Legends of Tomorrow, Psych.

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