The Handmaids Tale
Rating: 2.2241379310345
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The Handmaids Tale

The series is about the law that is made up of men and for men, and women are reduced to the role of silent reproducer. The premiere of the series took place on 26 April 2017.

Episodes: 36
Hours of watching: 31

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Boomer Phillips as Eye

Actor, known from the series V Wars, Jett, The Strain, Bitten.

David D Lancy Wilson as Guardian

Actor, known from the series V Wars, The Handmaids Tale, Designated Survivor, The Strain.

Dylan Trowbridge as Daniel

Actor, known from the V Wars series, Anne, The Handmaids Tale, Impulse, Dark Matter, Private Eyes, Killjoys, Haven, Orphan Black.

Greg Bryk as Ray Cushing

Canadian actor, known from the series V Wars, Jett, Frontier, Channel Zero, The Handmaids Tale, Ransom, Wynonna Earp, Bitten, The Expanse, Fargo.

Max Minghella as Nick Blaine

British actor and screenwriter, known from the series The Mindy Project, The Handmaids Tale. He studied at Columbia University in New York.

Sam Asante as Ultrasound Tech

Actor, known from the series V Wars, Designated Survivor, The Handmaids Tale, Condor, Shadowhunters, Falling Water.