Van Helsing
Rating: 2.78125
Votes: 16

Van Helsing

The series is about vampires, only Vanessa Helsing can save humanity, because despite the bite it can not turn into a vampire, but it has the power that can change a vampire into a human being. The premiere of the series took place on 23 September 2016.

Episodes: 52
Hours of watching: 37

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Andy Thompson as Count Laughula

Actor, known from the series Riverdale, The Magicians, The Flash, Van Helsing, Take Two, Trial and Error, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Supernatural.

Bzhaun Rhoden as Felix

Canadian actor, known from the series Charmed 2018, Van Helsing.

Sarah Desjardins as Catherine

Actress, known from the series aktorka, znana z serialu Riverdale, Impulse, Van Helsing, Supernatural.