Fam Episode 1 Season 1
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Fam Episode 1 Season 1 (S01E01)

Fam Episode 1 Season 1 - Pilot

Fam S01E01

Brian Stokes Mitchell as Walt - father Nick

American actor, stage, film, television, vocalist, known from the series Fam, The Good Fight, The Path, Mr. Robot, The Blacklist, Glee. He started his career...

Odessa Adlon as Shannon - stepsister Clem

American actress, known from the series Fam, Nashville.

Sheryl Lee Ralph as Rose - mother Nick

American actress, known from the series Fam, Ray Donovan, 2 Broke Girls. She studied medicine at Rutgers University.

Tone Bell as Nick - fiance Clem

American actor and comedian, known from the series Fam, The Flash.

Katie Wee as Kristen

Aactress, known from The Mindy Project, Shrill, 2 Broke Girls, The League, New Girl, Fam, American Princess.

Gary Cole as Freddy - father Clem and Shannona

American actor, known from the series Fam, The Good Fight, Suits, True Blood, Shark, Supernatural, Desperate Housewives. He started his career in 1983. He...

Nina Dobrev as Clem

Canadian actress and model, known from the series The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Fam. In 2008, she graduated from sociology at Ryerson University in...

Nick declares to Clem, the woman immediately agrees, they both go to boyfriend's parents Rose and Walt, but the girl can not stand it and she screams that they are getting married.
Rose is planning a wedding, she gives her wedding dress to Clem, the girl is happy.
When the lovers come back home, Shanoon is waiting for them - half sister of Clem, the girls talk about their father together, the older sister asks her to keep secrets about her father because Nick and his whole family think he is dead.
Clem comes to the police station where her father Freddy works, the girl explains to her father that 16-year-old Shanoon quit school, meanwhile Nick returns home, covers the half sister of his fiancée, who kisses Evan.
In the evening, Clem returns home, unexpectedly Shanoon comes out in her wedding dress, in which she wants to go to dinner from Nick's parents, the girl notices that the future brother-in-law ate her nuts stuffed with drugs.
Freddy arrives at the house of Rose and Walt, who just have dinner with his son and his fiancée and Shanoon, everyone is surprised when he says he is the father of girls.
Nick is furious that his fiancée lied to him, but he finally decides to help Shannon, wants her to live with them.

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Information about the series


The series tells about the relationship of Nick and Clem, who only dream of a happy life together, but unexpectedly appears younger sister, Clem - Shannon, who does not want to live with his irresponsible father. The premiere of the series took place on 10 January 2019.

Information about the episode

Premiere: 2019-01-10

Length: 00:20:42

Episode: 1

Season: 1

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