Hanna Episode 1 Season 1
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Hanna Episode 1 Season 1 (S01E01)

Hanna Episode 1 Season 1 - Forest

Hanna S01E01

Peter Schueller as Ultrax Gate Guard

American-Hungarian actor and singer, known from the series Hanna, The Terror, The Alienist, Emerald City.

Felicien Juttner as Olivier

Actor, known from the Hanna series.

Mireille Enos as Marissa Wiegler

American actress, known from the series Hanna, The Catch, Shark, Lie to Me. She graduated from acting at Brigham Young University in Provo. She started her...

Joanna Kulig as Johanna Zydek

Polish actress, known from the series Hanna, Do not worry about me, Now or never, The crew. She graduated from the 1st degree of the State Music School (piano...

Tom Mothersdale as Head of Ops

Actor, known from the series Hanna, Overlord, Philip K. Dicks Electric Dreams.

Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna

Actress, known from the Hanna series.

Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller

Swedish-American actor, known from the series Hanna, The Killing, House of Cards. In 2012, he became the face of the advertising campaign of the autumn...

Justin Salinger as Carl Meisner

Actor, known from the series Hanna, Innocent, The Mill, Humans, Dracula, Being Human, Doctor Who, Waking the Dead.

Aleksandr Gorchilin as Arvo Gombrowitz

A Russian actor, known from the Hanna series. Began his career in 2007.

Agent Erik Heller in 2003 in a secret facility in Romania avoids protection and kidnaps a newborn - a girl, runs to his car, where Johanna Zydek is already waiting.
In the morning the man notices the army together with Agent Marissa under his home, the family immediately runs away from a stolen car, they have an accident in which Johanna dies, the military see how the car is burning.
15 years have passed, Hanna and Erik live in the forest, the man teaches his daughter how to be an amazing killer and hunter and tells what awaits the girl after crossing the red line.
One day, Hanna decides to cross the red line and leave the forest, Arvo Gombrowitz meets in his way, but does not know how to behave, in the evening he returns home and lies in what he gets in the face of his father.
Arvo Gombrowitz spends more and more time with Hanna, the army appears unexpectedly, the girl escapes and tells her father everything.
Marissa meets with Carl Meisner, who talks about the last Kvansk satellite dishbreaking in northern Poland, the man suspects that it is Erik with his daughter.
In the evening, Hanna hears three incoming helicopters with her father starting to run away from home, meet Werber on their path, they kill, then separate and flee separately.
Hanna puts herself into the hands of the army to save her father.

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Information about the series


the series tells the story of agent Erik Heller, who 15 years earlier kidnapped a girl and became a family for her. Hanna and her father, all her life lived in the forest, when she splits with her father, she must escape from the CIA agent who is attracting her, Marissa Wiegler who killed her mother, Johanna Zydek, 15 years earlier. Teenager trying to discover the truth about myself. The premiere of the series took place on 3 February 2019.

Information about the episode

Premiere: 2019-02-03

Length: 00:48:13

Episode: 1

Season: 1

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